Monday, July 12, 2010

Vic Mignogna as Greece in Hetalia, oh man.

It seems that ANN has revealed a partial cast list for Hetalia. The cast is your usual Funimation cast list of big name, high profile folks, you know, the sorta thing that the LA based dubs get pissed on for doing, yet Funimation is just as bad, if not worse about this. The thing that struck me about this was the fact that massive attention whore Vic Mignogna is going to play Greece and for thoose who don't know who Vic is, I'll let this snippet from the ANN forums be the indication:

"Knowing Vic, he'll try and play down the yaoi aspect or make some outlandish BS claim that he talked to the creator and got her to admit that "It's not YAOI, I got the creator to confirm it to me." He's only taking the role only because it's keeps his name in the limelight."

This is all you ever need to know about Vic. In addition to being an attention whore, he also lies his ass off. The above quote is in relation to him TOTALLY meeting clamp and them saying that Fai is not gayness incarnate. He also says to be straight edge, yet he gets shit faced at bars whilst at cons. Oh well, the dub will have it's usual following of rabid Funimation fans hailing the dub as the second coming, all the while the dub will realistically be an overrated mess, with hit or miss performances, and hammy jokes, oh shit, just like every other Funimation dub!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Anime Conservative: BangZoon to stop dubbing in 2011?

Let's be honest folks, Anime in the US has gone done hill, and fast. When you take into account what things like buying binges, shitty release schedules, fan subs, and a host of other problems it was bound to happen sooner or later. Now, right on the heels of Aniplex's stab at the US market by releasing sub only discs, we have news that BangZoon might stop dubbing Anime in 2011 is fan support doesn't pick up and while this might not matter to some, it matters to me as I'm a huge dub fan and BangZoom fan.

The founder of BangZoom Entertainment, Eric P. Sherman posted a rather dire sounding editorial on saying that is folks don't start buying the DVDs and stop watching fan subs, the Anime market is going to go down and BangZoom will stop producing dubs. I agree that fan subs and the massive sense of self entitlement doesn't help thing, however I would like to add a few things if I might.

One of the biggest factors in the decline has got to be the fact that there hasn't been a massive hit in the mainstream for a good 5 years with Fullmetal Alchemist and nothing that has been aired on television lately took off, I don't even think Sci-Fi still shows Anime. I honestly don't even know if Brotherhood is even doing all that well on Adult Swim.

Secondly, the mass licensing of super niche' show doesn't help either. I mean, I know shows like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya have it's fan, but I can't imagine it selling more than a couple hundred units and I'd be surprised if they even broke even. So, maybe I'm not surprised the market as a whole has tanked. Not to mention several great shows will probably never get released chief among them are Gundam X and V Gundam. Gundam X should have been like the second or third Gundam show they brought over here and sadly I doubt it will.

Thirdly the blame game has already started on the massive cluster fuck known as the Anime News Network forums like it always does and believe me, I'm with my fellow dub fans on this one. I want most shows to be dubbed. I want Anime on T.V. This sadly, won't happen happen anytime soon, and I'd be surprised if it ever fully recovers.

Fourthly it's time for some good news. BangZoom is seeming to be more work with Vampire Knight, even if Vic will shit it up. They are doing the second season of Suzumiya and maybe even Kekkaishi. I think the US market can make a come back if companies could get shows on T.V. Gungrave would work well on Adult Swim and they could even hype it up as being from the creator of Trigun.

All in all, I hope BZ can bounce back. I'd hate to loose such a great dubbing studio .

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Anime Conservative Vol. 1, Part 4

Been awhile but got some fun stories this time around.

Oh shit! This is actually pretty scary stuff. 300? How the hell did that even happen in the first place?

Muslims outraged over a trivial matter? I'm shocked. /sarcasm

Boy this is a shocker. Unlike the Libtards and the supposed Tea Party spitting smear, this guy actually has proof. Liberals love Blacks so long as they stay on the Liberal Plantation, but the second they start questioning Liberal ideas they get call Oreos (black on the outside, white on the inside) or Uncle Toms. Then again, I expect nothing less from the Libs.

Hahahahaha Jesus H. Christ, the Jews get blamed for anything these days. But, no surprise it's a Muslims. I can hear it now, "But, but it's a Religion of Peace!", yeah you get believing that tired, worn out PC crap.

Later Harry "Barack Obama is a light skinned Black man with no Negro dialect" Reid. Have fun losing you worthless piece of human garbage.

Is anyone surprised? You lose credit in my book if you use that Anti-White Southern Poverty Law Center as a source of hate speech news. The SPLC ignores groups like La Raza (worthless group for Mestizos), and The New Black Panther Party (Bat shit insane Black Muslims). Keep up the good work SPLC!

Wow. Really? I love how Libs find Racsim in EVERYTHING, good god. This also proved that Mrs. O'Donnell is dumb as a fucking rock.

Boy what a surprise.

/Facepalm. Oi. Not this again. This is what, the 7th time?

Ugh. God I'm tired of this non-sense. I love how MSNBC tries to link everything to Conservatives and the Tea Party folks. Also to make matters worse, you will have to stare at Mancows shit tooth grin and pompous ass for an hour.

Later folks. Gonna review some Anime soon, and oh yeah, gonna be some Vic bashing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Anime Conservative Vol.1 Part 3

Welcome to Part three my sexy Negros! Up this time we have Slippery Shuster, PC fail, and Ed "I'm fucking bat shit insane" Schultz and much much more.

Bravo Mr. Jackson. I love when Slippery has the rare Conservative quest on and get's utterly owned. Mr. Jackson was on to discuss the apparent throwing of brick by Tea Party folks into the offices of several Dims and you guessed it, no a drop of proof.

""Do you have the actual evidence of the people who threw [bricks into Democrat office windows]?" Mr. Jackson owning Slippery, which is not hard to to do anyways.

This holds no merit since 1. Ed "RAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGEEEE" Schultz said it and 2. it's typical Libtard BS. If you don't agree with them, your an evil racist. Yawn.

Sure it is Jess, sure it is.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

SE finally figured it out.

Toriyama went on to make some comparisons between Western role-playing games and Japanese role-playing games. Of course, he played fast and loose with the definition of the genre, using Hitman and Tomb Raider as his examples of “Western RPGs.”

"The difference, he said, is that Western RPGs like those ones starring Lara Croft have camera systems that zoom in tightly on the main character because the player wants to identify closely with that single character, whereas Japanese RPG cameras are more zoomed out, because the player wants to see the entire scene from a bird’s-eye view."

Holy fuck! Not this shit again! This is the 3rd time in recent memory that Mr. Toriyama has brought up WRPG's. Does this guy not know what a WRPG is? Has he even played one? It's comments like this that make me wonder just how much he is in tune with Western gaming in general. Honestly, how the hell does one called Tomb Raider and Hitman, both action games, WRPG's? It's stupid ass comments like this that make me laugh at Japanese developers when they try to appeal to western gamers and utterly fail. Here's some free advice Toriyama, go back and play the Baulders Gate, Fallout (1-2), Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights to get an understanding what WRPG's really are. This BS you and SE keep spouting about WRPG's is frankly just plain sad.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Anime Conservative Vol.1 Part 2

Maddow, thy name is worthless. Of all the people on PMSNBC that get under my skin the most, Maddow is definitely the top contender. From her snarky know it all attitude (typical of Libs) to her shit tooth grin, Maddow is indeed a waste of a human life. What's funny about all this is when she first started at PMSNBC, she was touted as the new shit by just about everyone there. To be fair to Maddow, she did do pretty well the first few months, even beating Keith Olbermann a few times in total viewers, but late last year, Maddows ratings began to tank i.e low 800k viewers. As for the story at hand, it's typical. Both Maddow and Shaeffer are both self-hating whites who cry racist over the littlest, most mundane things.

Wow, just wow. Oh wait, I see why Obama is doing this, the Environazi's.

Oh Slippery Shuster. You certainly didn't saying anything about Luke Russert (son of the late great Tim Russert) using the exact same term now did you?

Holy fuck. Are you serious Hanks? No Mr. Hanks, the reason we want to annihilate "jihadis" is because they want to kill us and destroy our country. Dumb ass Libtard dip shits.

Hope and change amirite?

Hahaha. Way to go Ann. Cry baby Muslims. It's a shame Ann didn't actually stab her threw the heart.

Fact: Liberals hate Jews. Which is interesting, considering many Jews are Liberals.

Typical Olbertard. Interestingly enough all of the accusations are unproven. Olbertard is using is typical straw man arguments again. No one has any proof that people called Jessie Jackson's son a Nigger, not a shred of evidence. We already know that Libs hate anyone that doesn't agree with them, this just further proves it.

See ya next time!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Anime Conservative Vol. 1

Welcome to the first installment of The Anime Conservative, so sit back and enjoy the commentary. Tonight we shall be covering Chris "I forgot he was black" Matthews, laugh worth protests by Crazy Al Sharpton, and other fun stories. On with the show!

Yep, you totally figured it out Tingles the Clown. Good god, can some one please put a muzzle on Tingles? He says stupid shit like this all the time. Oh, and rename his show Softball with talentless hack libtard Chris Matthews.

Oh Glenn, how uniformed you are about Geert "The Man" Wilders. What Beck does however (after labeling Wilders "far-right") is talk out of his ass on this subject. Geert Wilders is a hero to many in Europe because he is one of the few fighting against the total Islamization of Europe. England is a good example of what the rest of Europe could very well end up looking like, a mulcultural shit hole. Come on Glenn, I normally find you a blast to listen to, but this is a PC play on your part.

Oh shit! Can you imagine the shit storm if a Conservative, Libertarian, or Independent said this little gem? Rather being the usual know it all Libtard will get a free pass and life will go on. Oh well, it WAS pretty funny though.

Wow. It's not surprising though, judging by the trailer it looked like an exciting movie, but I knew it would be full of Liberal shit such as America is evil, the war was started just to start it, and other time honored hate America non-sense that Libs are so fond of. Ironically the director, Paul Greengrass, directed the amazing film film United 93.

Awesome! That's just what America needs, another booster shot of the Mestizo Invasion Virus to further drive this nation under. I'm sorry Grhamnesty, but THAT's the last thing we need right now. Once Obamacare gets passed, it's going to further strain this country. That RINO sack of garbage Grahamnesty needs to go. Can't you see it now? The boo hoo sob stories of the illegal Mestizo about how the evil whites are trying to enforce they law and you know not let a bunch of raving murders and gang bangers into this country. And stop with the "but they are good people" horse shit, because that has been prove to not be the case time and time again.

See you next time!